About IAMD


Indian Association for Management Development (IAMD) was formed in the year 1965, which is now, a registered body under the Societies Registration  Act 1860, with a view to promote diffusion of knowledge about modern management to provide a common forum for exchange of ideas. Late Professor A. N. Agarwal, Director, Motilal Nehru Institute of Research and Business Administration (MONIRBA), Allahabad University, was the founder of the Association and Dr. P. S. Loknathan was the first President under whose guidance the deliberations of Association were held at Pune University in the year 1965. During the year 1990 to year 2013, there was some intermission and in the year 2014, IAMD was reincarnated by the sincere efforts of the Vice-Chancellor of MUIT, Lucknow, Professor H. K Singh, who is presently professor of Commerce at the Banaras Hindu University (BHU), Varansi, U.P., India. The Objectives of the Association are:

To promote management research in various areas so as to develop an integrated management technology suited in India and developing countries;

To operate with organizations in India and abroad with view to make global efforts in organizing developing countries to act for themselves and collectively for improving Management Practices;

To disseminate knowledge about Modern Management Philosophy and methods to study their applications to Indian situations and to help in diffusion of such concepts, ideas, and findings;

To provide common forum for exchange of ideas and experience and a meeting ground for researchers, scholars, teachers, administrators, and executives;

To maintain libraries and reading rooms for the general use of the members;

To hold conferences, seminars, workshops, etc. , to examine and discuss the relevance of Modern Management Philosophy to India and developing countries and otherwise promote interchange of ideas and experience in the field of business;

To encourage and coordinate researchers on management and to developed teaching materials through trans-disciplinary researches.

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