The main aim of the association is as under -

  • 1.      To promote management research in various areas so as to develop an integrated management technology suited in India and developing countries;


    2.      To operate with organizations in India and abroad with view to make global efforts in organizing developing countries to act for themselves and collectively for improving Management Practices;


    3.      To disseminate knowledge about Modern Management Philosophy and methods to study their applications to Indian situations and to help in diffusion of such concepts, ideas, and findings;


    4.      To provide common forum for exchange of ideas and experience and a meeting ground for researchers, scholars, teachers, administrators, and executives;


    5.      To maintain libraries and reading rooms for the general use of the members;

    6.      To hold conferences, seminars, workshops, etc. , to examine and discuss the relevance of Modern Management Philosophy to India and developing countries and otherwise promote interchange of ideas and experience in the field of business;


    7.      To encourage and coordinate researchers on management and to developed teaching materials through trans-disciplinary researches.

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