Research Journals

 *QJMD Journal

*VIJMR International Journal

*IJVRCST International Journal 

Conference / Seminar

*National Conference 21-22 February, 2015

*National Conference 21-22 February, 2016

*National Conference 21-22 February, 2016

*International Conference 03-04 October, 2017

*International Conference 20-21 January, 2018

*International Conference 23rd-24th Feb'2019

*National Conference 10-11 August, 2019

*National Conference 20-21 December, 2019

*National Workshop 03-09 February, 2020

*International Conference 16-17 March, 2020

 *International Conference 08-09 March, 2020


* Research Excellence Award

* Academic Award


* Business & Managerial Economics

* Business Finance

* Stress Management

* Economic Development of India

* Frontiers of Inclusive Growth

* Rural Development of India

* Digital India - Empowering India

* Make In India

*Digital India: A Socio-economic Transformation

Paradigm Shift in Agri-Business

Prachin Bharat Me Dharma Ka Swaroop

Women Empowerment: Emerging Dimensions And Issues

GST Simplified Tax System : Challenges and Remedies

GST: Law & Implementation

Samajik Nyay Aur Arakshan

Arakshan Ka Badalta Swaroop

Women Empowerment: A New Dimension

Women Empowerment: Holistic Development In India

Paradigm Shift In Literature

Mahila Sasaktikaran : Bharat Me Samagra Vikash Ka Dour

Sustainable Development: Innovations & Opportunities

Satat Samajik Vikash

Economic Development Of 21st Century

National Education Policy - 2020


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